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JellyBean Pictures

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman
JellyBean Pictures
New York

The way I often describe myself and what I do is I am a 100% die hard, natural light shooter.

To be a 100% natural light shooter, you truly have to be able to walk into anyone’s home, at any size, and find the light to tell the story.

I don’t consider myself a lifestyle photographer as much as a documenter. I get very close to my clients and film 99% of my shoots in their homes. Home is where it all begins and I want to be sure each session has a high level of intimacy, an intimacy that can only come from the home.

Though I had been filming this little dream for years, they recently moved and this was the first shoot inside their new home. I was a true kid in a candy store. Gorgeous light. gorgeous home. gorgeous family.

The shoot was scheduled to not only celebrate my little client’s birthday, but also Mom’s upcoming new addition. The key to this session however, was Mom didn’t want to be the focus at any point. She just wanted to ‘be’ in the background or engaged with her daughter with glimpses of the belly.

I’d rather set people in areas of their homes and document what happens in general, so this was perfect for me and what I love to do.

Here is what unfolded that day.

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