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Jeanni Dunagan Photography

Jeanni Dunagan
Jeanni Dunagan Photography
Location: Portland, OR
Shoot Location: Seattle, WA

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Portland, Oregon.  In addition to a weddings and engagements, my favorite types of sessions to photograph are maternity and boudoir.  I especially love when I am able to combine elements of each into a session.  For this maternity session, the mother-to-be was on bed rest due to complications in her pregnancy.  The session took place in the bedroom of her Seattle home.  While photographing this beautiful pregnant mother, she discussed her pregnancy experience and the anxiety she felt about the health of her child.  What I loved most about this session is the depth of emotion that came through in her eyes as we discussed her pregnancy.

jeanni-dunagan-maternity-001 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-002 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-003 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-004 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-005 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-006 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-007 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-008 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-009 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-010 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-011 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-012 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-013 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-014 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-015 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-016 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-017 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-018 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-019 jeanni-dunagan-maternity-020

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