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Jeanine Rose

Jeanine  Rose Dell’Orfano
Jeanine Rose
Middlefield, CT
Shot in Port Lorne, NS, Canada

I am a Connecticut-based wedding and portrait photographer who has a hardcore love for food, farms, and intimate gatherings.

I really love this shoot. It’s super dear to my heart because it was done on the Bay of Fundy shore in Port Lorne, Nova Scotia, Canada. This is a place where I once had a farm and it is photographed in my own yard which leads down to the bay.  My model Mary Rice is a local 16 year old girl who also loves farms and wasn’t afraid to dip her toes in the seriously freezing water. I used Mary as a fill in for myself. The times I remember and dream about. The same wildflower fields that I used to walk through with my horses and goats.  The sights that I miss and the loneliness of the shore that hardly ever sees people. I wanted to capture the beauty of this wild place and convey a feeling of solitude, which in itself I find so beautiful.

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