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JC Envisions Photography

JC Hernandez
JC Envisions Photography
Portland, OR

Greg and Amanda approached me a few days after he popped the question and told me they wanted to do something special and meaningful for their engagement pictures. They have a lot of memories hiking around the Columbia Gorge and just the outdoors, in general. Greg even proposed near the river. They wanted to continue the same theme with their pictures. While they were thinking about the perfect place, I proposed a location on the Columbia Gorge that is beautiful, with the minor detail that it is a 45 minute drive from Portland, then a two hour hike. I never thought they would actually agree to do it. They were happy, but I was even elated. I finally found an excuse to photograph a couple in such a majestic place. We put on boots, hiking gear, and we threw backpacks on our backs with snacks and clothes for the couple to change once there. It was a hot and strenuous hike, but the sunset was breathtaking; one of my favorite shoots for sure. My fiancé came along and we made it a double date, watching the sun fall behind the river and the mountains.

jcenvisions_100 jcenvisions_101 jcenvisions_102 jcenvisions_103 jcenvisions_104 jcenvisions_105 jcenvisions_106 jcenvisions_107 jcenvisions_108 jcenvisions_109 jcenvisions_110 jcenvisions_111 jcenvisions_112 jcenvisions_113 jcenvisions_114 jcenvisions_115 jcenvisions_116 jcenvisions_117 jcenvisions_119 jcenvisions_120

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