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Jana Melinda Photography

Jana Long
Jana Melinda Photography
Vacaville, CA

I am a wedding and portrait photographer located in Vacaville, California. Last year I photographed Kelley’s wedding and was so excited to find out she was expecting! I consider it such an honor to document these special occasions! For this session, I really wanted to showcase something dreamy and beautiful. Motherhood in itself is already so beautiful! The location had large, gorgeous trees, which is exactly what I wanted since we scheduled the session at 11 a.m. The sun is already pretty high at that time of day and I knew I would need to filter the light with the trees. It couldn’t have been more perfect! I also ‘played’ a little using some fabric tulle to shoot through on a few portraits – I loved the dreamy affect and texture it gave!
Maternity Gown by Sew Trendy Accessories

JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity01 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity02 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity03 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity04 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity05 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity06 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity07 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity08 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity09 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity10 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity11 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity12 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity13 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity14 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity15 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity16 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity17 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity18 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity19 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity20 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity21 JanaMelinda_Dreamy Maternity22

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