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Jamie Olsen Photography

Jamie Olsen
Jamie Olsen Photography
Omaha, NE

Hello!!  I am a portrait photographer based in Omaha, NE.  I am a momma to 5 beautiful lil’ babes and have a wonderful husband that supports me and my crazy passion of photography!!  This session was my first photographed after having my 5th child 3 months ago.  And it couldn’t have gone better!!  This little guy was perfect!!  Came in my door sleeping and left sleeping…..a dream!  I’ve been photographing my newborns a couple different ways lately to offer my clients more than just one look.  I’ll capture them in a soft way, a little less posed and then as the session goes on we ease into those curly poses.  So far it’s been a success.  And the close ups of those tiny baby toes, hands, lips, etc. are a must on each session!!  They are only this tiny once.  And so many parents want to look back on them.  I have a weakness for newborn wrinkles.

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