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Jade Raven Photography

Jade Miles
Jade Raven Photography
Chico, CA – serving northern California

I didn’t choose photography – photography chose me. It courses through my veins and I think about it all day, every day. This feeling goes beyond simply joy and into the realm of crazed passion. It is my breath, it is my heart, it is my life or death. It’s just not something I could do without like a favorite article of clothing (although, the thought of having to live without my Free People tops or that one pair of dark denim jeans that makes my butt look good makes my heart hurt), and I wouldn’t be “me” without it. I know that sounds over the top, but that’s just how I am about the things and people I love. I give it my all. That’s all I can give, being the perfectionist I am.

I specialize in creative feminine portraiture and this session with Jessica Booker was a styled boudoir “Wild, Fearless, and Free” portrait experience. I wanted to capture her fierce but fun-loving personality, without having her feel the need to strip away all of her clothing.

IMG_6222 IMG_6258 IMG_6260 IMG_6277 IMG_6299 IMG_6304 IMG_6310 IMG_6339 IMG_6341 IMG_6345 IMG_6357 IMG_6361 IMG_6371 IMG_6374 IMG_6388 IMG_6396 IMG_6398 IMG_6401 IMG_6413 IMG_6422 IMG_6433 IMG_6455 IMG_6464 IMG_6469 IMG_6470 IMG_6514 IMG_6538 IMG_6552 IMG_6554 IMG_6566 IMG_6569 IMG_6570 IMG_6622 IMG_6631 IMG_6632 IMG_6634 IMG_6642 IMG_6652 IMG_6658 IMG_6663

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