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Introducing – USB Memory Direct

Lemonade and Lenses loves USB Memory Direct!  Besides carrying super fun and custom USB drives that will leave a lasting impression with clients, they have outstanding customer service (hello, account manager!), and a list of great photo packaging examples to give a spark to your creative side.  Check out their portfolio here.  Say “Hi!” to them on Facebook.

Classic Styles in Every Color
Your portfolio, social pages, and marketing all go a long way to make your business shine.  But every pro photographer knows that nothing grows your photo business like customer referrals.  Your customers know that they only get one chance to capture their special moment and delivering the image of professionalism will help earn their trust from the very beginning.


Keep it Simple or Get Wild — Packaging the Way You Want It
Every photography business is unique.  Whether you’re looking for a clean, industrial look or fun D.I.Y. packaging, your account manager will work with you to create something outstanding.  Choose from a variety of materials — rubberized plastic to aluminum to natural wood — and hundreds of styles to find the drive that perfectly matches your vision and your business.


Not Just Custom Colors, Custom Everything
Maybe you’re forward-thinking and you made the switch to custom flash drives for your photography business a long, long time ago. You felt the change in the winds and knew that the CD-ROM drives in your customers’ PCs were not long for this world.  Stay ahead of the curve with fully customized USB drives.  With USB Memory Direct’s advanced manufacturing and 3D modeling capabilities, your own custom shape could come from anywhere — your logo, your mascot, or your imagination — and end up in your customer’s living room.  Having unique and remarkable collateral will leave a great impression with your clients and make referrals a given.


Deliver a Product that Speaks for Itself
When your USB packaging looks this good, it’s easy to get creative.  Add advertising in a PDF asking that the customer recommend you to a friend.  Include a reward voucher for their next shoot (this probably won’t be the only memorable event in their life).  In short, add anything you can think of to get the most value out of the sale.  Beautiful custom flash drives make growing your business easy.  Get yours from USB Memory Direct and get back to focusing your energy on doing what you love: photography.



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