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Images by Jennifer

Jennifer Batts
Images by Jennifer
Grand Rapids, MI

My name is Jennifer Batts, owner of Images by Jennifer, and I am a senior, family, and child photographer working in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Oftentimes in the spring I find time to get more creative with my shoots, as I don’t have as many regular client sessions scheduled. When a large patch of wild phlox I had been keeping my eye on came into full bloom, I was inspired and knew I had to shoot someone there. I gave a former high school senior client a call, asking her if she had a white dress and would be interested in modeling for me. She was eager to help and I was thrilled. The evening we met up ended up being absolutely perfect, with the lovely golden backlight creating exactly the flower-filled scene I had been dreaming of. We had so much fun together, and I even got a chance to try out my brand new Lensbaby Sweet 35 alongside my 70-200 lens. The final results were so beautiful and made my heart happy.

Young-Woman-in-Phlox-01 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-02 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-03 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-04 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-05 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-06 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-07 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-08 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-09 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-10 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-11 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-12 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-13 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-14 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-15 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-16 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-17 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-18 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-19 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-20 Young-Woman-in-Phlox-21

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