How To Use Props To Enhance Your Decor Photos

Using props in your decor photos can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your shots. 

How To Use Props To Enhance Your Decor Photos

Whether you’re an interior designer, professional photographer, or just someone who loves taking pretty pictures of their home, adding props to your decor photos can breathe life into them and take them to the next level. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to use props to enhance your decor photos.

Why Use Props To Enhance Your Decor Photos?

Adding objects to your pictures can drastically improve the photograph. Props are a great way to not only focus on the aesthetics but also emphasize the feelings and emotions you’re trying to capture with your camera. 

While it might not be necessary for every single shot, props are an effective way of adding something interesting or exciting that shows off your creativity in photography.


Conceptual photography is an art form that uses props (see also “How To Use Props To Enhance Your Product Photos?“) as its main way of communicating a message or idea. To create conceptual photographs, the photographer must be creative and have an understanding of symbolism and metaphors. 

Props are often used to represent feelings beyond just physical objects. The photographer must use them to bring out thought-provoking ideas and stories without the assistance of words. 

Using props to create these stories, exploring hidden meanings within them, and conveying complex arguments to viewers can result in stunning works that inspire thoughtful reflection in viewers.


A shallow depth of field can be used to add a great deal of interest and atmosphere to a photograph. 

It is an effective way of adding a sense of drama and focuses to your image.

By setting the aperture to its lowest setting, you can achieve a deep depth of field so that only the subject in the foreground is in sharp focus, while everything at the back becomes blurred and out of focus. 

The Best Ways To Use Props To Enhance Your Decor Photos

Using Props To Add Variety And Interest

Props are a great way to add interest and variety to your decorations. From chandeliers to banners, props can add excitement and flair that will liven up any event space. 

A beautiful chandelier with ornate detailing is a wonderful statement piece and is perfect for creating an elegant atmosphere.

You can choose a colored one that complements the color theme of your concept, or go with something patterned to make it more interesting. 

Using Props To Add Character

Props are an excellent way to add more character to your photographs. By using a variety of decorations and other elements, you can craft the perfect setting for any kind of shoot. 

Festoon lighting hung carefully along walls and furniture can add a soft glow and make the space more interesting. You can also use balloons and flowers to give the room an extra touch of color. 

Scenic elements are another great way to populate the area with something interesting or unique; setting up a themed table in one corner of the room can make for an enjoyable focal point. 

Even something as simple as adding furniture like benches can lend authenticity. With the right combination of props, you’ll be able to transform your space from ordinary into extraordinary in no time!

Using Props As A Central Piece

Creating a stunning and cohesive centerpiece is essential. When it comes to picking a centerpiece, it’s important to consider the “theme” of the photos. 

This will help you create a cohesive look that ties everything together visually. You can use various pieces from around the house such as seasonal fruits, greenery, or even pieces of wood to create an inviting atmosphere for your photos.

You want to create visual interest without overwhelming the room with too many objects on display. Keeping this in mind while deciding on what will be your “central piece” is key. 

Consider features such as texture, size, shape, and color when deciding which centerpiece will fit best for your given theme.

It is important not to go overboard with accessories, as too much could distract from key elements that bring light and attention to your central piece.

What Should You Consider When Using Props?

How To Use Props To Enhance Your Decor Photos

1. Choose Your Props Wisely

The key to using props effectively is to choose them wisely. Think about what you’re trying to convey with the photo, and select props that will help illustrate this message. 

For instance, if you’re taking a photo of a living room, you might consider adding books or a blanket on the couch to make it look more inviting.

2. Expenses

Buying new props can be a tempting but expensive endeavor. Depending on what you’re looking for, purchasing items online could quickly add up to a hefty figure with no guarantee of lasting quality or satisfaction. 

This is especially true with novelty purchases, like cosplay and certain types of costumes, that may depreciate in value once they pass their “trendy” date.

3. Color Schemes

Depending on what kind of atmosphere or environment you are looking to create, certain colors will work best. 

Starting with the desired mood, such as airy and light, typically white and pastels will go well together for this effect.

Props To Use To Enhance Your Decor Photos


Mirrors are an incredibly versatile and cost-effective prop for photography. With a mirror, you can create artful and eye-catching images in a variety of ways. 

From adding depth to a scene to reflecting elements to emphasize shapes or patterns – the possibilities are truly limitless. 

In addition, you can use mirrors strategically when capturing light from one source. By positioning mirrors just right, you can direct light onto your subject from any angle you wish. 

This is great for offering your audience a unique viewpoint that evokes an emotion or brings an otherwise mundane setting alive with drama. 

What’s more, if used imaginatively, mirrors create illusions of larger spaces by playing with reflections in the frame. 


Flower photoshoots are beautiful and timeless. They bring a whole new level of beauty to any image. 

An artificial flower garland is an inexpensive way to add class and elegance to your photos. A garland is long enough to be draped over a stand for many types of creative shoots and photos. 

It can also be used in more creative ways, such as draping flowers over specific pieces of furniture to feign a certain aesthetic. Flowers do this very well.

The versatility of flower garlands makes them perfect for decor photography too. Because a set of flowers is artificial, you can use them over and over again without worrying about wilting or fading. 

It’s also easy to customize, as you can cut it into sections and arrange the flowers however you like. 

Vintage Cameras

Vintage Cameras are a great accessory to use in any photo shoot. From adding an extra touch of style to giving the photo a hint of nostalgia, vintage cameras can be used to create new looks and styles with the images you take. 

Whether it’s an old Polaroid or film camera, these pieces can add something unique to your shoots that give them life and personality.

If you don’t have any vintage cameras lying around your home, you can always find one at thrift stores or on eBay. 

Prices tend to range from something inexpensive to more expensive options. However, even if you don’t want to buy a particular vintage camera, you may already own one or two that still work fine.

If so, bring them along for the shoot and show everyone how classic cameras still work perfectly today!


Food is an incredibly versatile and aesthetically pleasing part of many lifestyle and decor photography shoots. From pasta creations to pancakes, pizza, and smoothies, food can instantly add a unique color scheme and visual appeal to any composition. 

A great way for photographers to utilize food on photoshoots is by having some pieces be half-eaten, for example, or a bite taken out of an apple. This adds an interesting realism that is often missing from photos captured in the moment.

Final Thoughts

Using props is a great way to enhance your decor photos and create unique, aesthetically pleasing images. Mirrors are incredibly useful for manipulating light and creating illusions of space in an otherwise mundane setting. 

Flower garlands are perfect for adding beauty and elegance to any photoshoot, while vintage cameras bring an element of nostalgia to the images you take. 

No matter what kind of photoshoot you’re doing, props are essential for creating stunning images!

Frequently Asked Question

What Do We Mean By Adding Props?

Props in photography are all material objects that were added to the scene on purpose to complement the main subject. 

In most cases, they aren’t the center of attention; in fact, they often help the main subject to shine through. 

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