How To Photograph Cats

Most cat lovers will enjoy taking pictures of their perfect little companions. The majority of cat owners will have an entire album dedicated to pictures of their furry friends on their phones. These photographs will allow you to document your cat’s life. 

How To Photograph Cats

Unfortunately, your photography plans may be thwarted by your cat. These creatures are notoriously independent. Though most animals are difficult to photograph (see also “How To Photograph Zoo Animals“), cats are especially challenging to work with. 

To help you take stunning photographs of your cat, follow these simple tips:

1. Utilize A Continuous Mode

When photographing an animal, it can be difficult to predict what it will do next. They are unpredictable creatures, which is not a desirable quality for photography.

To increase your chances of getting the perfect picture, you should use a continuous shot on your camera. Also known as burst mode, this setting will take numerous shots in one succession.

It is especially important to use this mode if you are attempting to capture a photo of your cad mid-action. For instance, you might want to use it if your cat has jumped into the air. 

Afterward, you can look through the multiple pictures that you have taken so that you find the ideal image. 

2. Wait Until Your Cat Is Comfortable

Though many people will want to get pictures of their cats when they are doing something active, it can nonetheless be cute to get some candid pictures of your pet.

The average adult cat will typically sleep for around 15 hours every day. This is the perfect opportunity to take some adorable pictures of your cat. 

If you want to take photos of your cat in a particular spot, place their favorite blanket or cushions in a specific area. This will entice your cat.

Alternatively, you may simply have to relocate the photo shoot to wherever your cat prefers sleeping at the moment.

3. Take Photos From Different Angles

To find the best picture, you should take pictures from numerous different angles.

Arguably, the best angle for taking pictures of a cat is from above. Looking downward upon the cat is a great way of showing off its handsome face. In particular, this angle will give extra attention to the eyes. 

On the other hand, it can also be amazing to photograph a cat from below. This shot will be marvelous when a cat is climbing something tall, such as a tree. This will make your cat look incredibly imposing.

4. Find The Perfect Background

Though your cuddly companion will be the main focus of a shot, you should also consider the background. Natural backgrounds will be beautiful for your cat. 

We recommend that you match the color of your cat’s eyes with the color of the background. This will allow this striking feature to stand out. For example, if your cat has green eyes, you could photograph it against a green wall. 

Alternatively, you can photograph the cat against a background that contrasts with its fur.

5. Patience Is Essential

Cats are naturally suspicious. As a result, they may not stay in the same spot when you attempt to take a picture. This means that getting a beautiful photo of them will take a lot of time, effort, and patience. 

Cats are rather random creatures. If you want to nail the perfect picture, you will also have to be constantly ready to take a photo. This will mean having a camera or phone on you at all times.

This way, you can capture a funny picture if your cat randomly strikes a weird pose. If you have to run to get your camera, the chances are that your cat will drop its pose before you’re able to snap a picture. 

6. Grab Your Cat’s Attention

As mentioned, cats can be hard to photograph. This is because they rarely do what you want them to. They have a habit of looking away just as you are about to snap the perfect photo.

To prevent this from happening, you should take steps to grab your cat’s attention. The method that you use will differ depending on the individual cat. 

One effective method is to dangle the favorite toy of your cat in front of it. Just bear in mind that it can be challenging to dangle this toy whilst taking a photo. Therefore, you may want to enlist the assistance of another person.

Alternatively, you can make loud noises to get your cat to look toward you. Cats adore rustling noises, such as the rustling of a sweet wrapper or piece of paper.

7. Pay Attention To Your Cat’s Eyes

When taking a photo, it’s essential to find a focal point. When it comes to cats, the most popular focal point for an image is the eyes of the cat. Cats are known for their distinctive eyes, which are one of their most beautiful features.

Focusing on the eyes can be tough, especially if you have a highly active cat. You will have to get close to your cat, which may be challenging if they are rather skittish.

Cameras with an AF-S (single autofocus) setting are great for highlighting the eyes of your cat. Aside from the eyes, the paws are a great feature to focus on. 

8. Avoid Using The Flash Setting

Last but not least, it is best to refrain from using a flash setting when taking an image of your cat. This is because your furry friend may be startled by the flash since it will not understand where it is coming from. 

Though the flash is unlikely to cause any damage to your cat’s eyes, the light may bounce off your cat’s eyes. This will create a rather unflattering image of your furry friend. 

It is especially important to avoid using flash photography on kittens(see also: How To Photograph Kittens). Not only will they be highly scared, but their eyes will be especially sensitive. 

To avoid needing to use the flash setting, you should aim to take a photo of your cat in natural light. In particular, outdoor shots will be effective. 

Final Thoughts

Cats are majestic creatures that are the perfect source for some beautiful photos. By following these eight top tips, you can take some phenomenal pictures of your furry friend.

Laura McNeill
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