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Horace and Mae Photography

Jennifer Trovato
Horace and Mae Photography
Baltimore, Maryland

I’m Jennifer (Mae) of Horace and Mae Photography. We are a husband and wife team in Maryland, shooting a little bit of everything but hoping to hone in on family photography this year. I love the idea of making family sessions not just a time to get the photos you want for your Christmas card, but to really remind you of what you have. As I look through my work, I see a sense of peace and joy in the families I photograph and I hope that those qualities can remind everyone of the beautiful gifts they’ve been given.

This session was for a fellow photographer Alyssa Anne. Her family is obviously beautiful, but just incredibly sweet and full of joy. I did a mix of digital and film, but the film turned out exactly like I’d hoped. Thanks so much!

Shot on Canon Elan 7, Canon 50 1.2, Sigma 35 1.4, Portra 400. Developed at Citizens Photo in Portland and scanned at home (Pakon).

Siebfam-1 Siebfam-3 Siebfam-4 Siebfam-5 Siebfam-6 Siebfam-7 Siebfam-8 Siebfam-9 Siebfam-10 Siebfam-11 Siebfam-12 Siebfam-14 Siebfam-16 Siebfam-20 Siebfam-22 Siebfam-23 Siebfam-25 Siebfam-26 Siebfam-27 Siebfam-28 Siebfam-29 Siebfam-31

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