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Honey + Fawn

Whitley Danielle Smith-Gragg
Honey + Fawn
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

This session was shot in a couple of spots near where I live, so I knew the light and locations very well. And Tatum was so great at allowing the kids to just be kids. Catching organic moments of happiness, discovery, and other little emotions is my goal. A little about me {{Whitley}}: I am a 26 year-old, work-at-home momma that spends her weeks running her toddler to MDO and Gymnastics, keeping the husband happy, and enjoys the little Mini Australian Shepherd {{Reba}} who keeps her company on late night edit-athons. I love white chocolate mochas, rainy mornings, and pretty cowgirl boots. My business is just shy of two years old and I continue to grow and learn. I still have not found my niche and am still taking many different genres of clients.

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