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Hobbs Photography

Jenna Hobbs
Hobbs Photography
Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

It’s not very often that it’s hot enough here to drink lemonade. Our beverage choices usually consist of hot chocolate, coffee, tea – anything steamy to warm chilly hands. This wintery styled session was a cold morning, but we couldn’t pass up the beautiful light peeking through the trees and just over the hills.  Lake Eden is one of my favourite locations for any season. I am always chasing the light around the lake, finding new spots and different ways to capture beautiful subjects at any time of day. This particular subject was, as you can see, stunning and such a good sport, trekking through deep snow and warming up in the pickup truck along the way. We can’t use the weather here as an excuse to not get outside and take photos, otherwise we would miss these beautiful days and this gorgeous light.

Wintercoat1 Wintercoat2 Wintercoat3 Wintercoat4 Wintercoat5 Wintercoat6 Wintercoat7 Wintercoat8 Wintercoat9 Wintercoat10 Wintercoat11 Wintercoat12 Wintercoat13 Wintercoat14 Wintercoat15 Wintercoat16 Wintercoat17 Wintercoat18 Wintercoat19 Wintercoat20 Wintercoat21 Wintercoat22 Wintercoat23 Wintercoat24 Wintercoat25 Wintercoat26 Wintercoat27 Wintercoat28

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