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Him&Her Pictures

Hermann & Miranda
Him&Her Pictures
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

We are Hermann & Miranda, an engaged couple from Pretoria. In 2011 we decided to work together & in 2013 we established Him&Her Pictures as our company. We love working together. Our style can be described as modern, natural, & creative.  We encourage our clients to be natural to break away from poses and just be themselves. We thank Yahweh, our guide & provider for our talents & love we have for our work.

This senior session was inspired by the beautiful aspects of Suhane and her personality.  We shot two hours before sunset to capture the soft light reflecting so beautifully on her. We also used the sun for back light. We used the green grasses, old buildings, graffiti, and the colourful blooms on the bushes to create a natural feel. We had so much fun playing around! She ran through the blooming fields, used the flowers for props, and the way she held it made it a perfect picture.


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