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Heather Carraway Photography

Heather Carraway
Heather Carraway Photography
Atlanta, GA

I learned early on in my photography journey that capturing those early moments with brand new babies would be right up my alley.  The first few weeks at home with my first born were nothing short of incredible, if not indescribable.  As I’m sure so many new parents feel, there were plenty of times where I just wanted to freeze time and remember every single thing I was feeling when I looked at my perfect little infant.  Her curled, pouty lips, her button nose, her 10 perfect toes; every piece of her.  Fortunately, I hired a newborn photographer to do just that, and I was hooked.  Completely hooked on capturing every single moment of her little life from there out.  With zero intentions of changing my career, I fell madly in love with photography and freezing time.  Flash forward nearly three years later and here I am striving to do the same thing for other families.  In recalling my own newborn haze, I can only imagine what it would be like with a toddler in the mix, so I was thrilled to be welcomed into this family’s home to document this beautiful time in their lives.  And the mohawk was just icing on the cake!

Heather Carraway is a natural newborn photographer in Atlanta, Georgia.  She strives to create authentic, timeless lifestyle photographs for her clients with her use of natural light, neutral palate, and playful approach.

Heather Carraway 01 Heather Carraway 02 Heather Carraway 03 Heather Carraway 04 Heather Carraway 05 Heather Carraway 06 Heather Carraway 07 Heather Carraway 08 Heather Carraway 09 Heather Carraway 10 Heather Carraway 11 Heather Carraway 12 Heather Carraway 13 Heather Carraway 14 Heather Carraway 15

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