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Greenwood Photography

Natalie Greenwood
Greenwood Photography
Warren, OH

My name is Natalie and I am the owner of Greenwood Photography. I’ve been photographing weddings in northeastern Ohio for six years now, and love every minute of it! Winters in Ohio can drag on for what feels like forever, so when I see the first sign of color I’m off and running! I purchased this dress from Altered State last summer and have been waiting for the perfect time to use it. I love the way the dress almost blended in with her fair skin, making her bouquet, daffodils, and bright red hair pop. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

2015-04-20_0001 2015-04-20_0002 2015-04-20_0003 2015-04-20_0004 2015-04-20_0005 2015-04-20_0006 2015-04-20_0007 2015-04-20_0009 2015-04-20_0011 2015-04-20_0012 2015-04-20_0014 2015-04-20_0016 2015-04-20_0017 2015-04-20_0020 2015-04-20_0023 2015-04-20_0025 2015-04-20_0026 2015-04-20_0027 2015-04-20_0028 2015-04-20_0030 2015-04-20_0032 2015-04-20_0033 2015-04-20_0035

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