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Greenhouse Maternity Session

Christy Wilson
Christy Wilson Photography
Nashville, Tennessee

Austin and Anna invited me to their gorgeous home outside of Nashville for this maternity session. It delights me to showcase this darling maternity session of a very dear friend of mine! Anna is the owner of the brilliant letterpress and calligraphy company, Olive Juice Press. Aside from being incredibly talented, she and her husband Austin are the sweetest most caring people. I was particularly eager for this shoot because their beautiful home has amazing natural lighting. And the clean, natural style of this house absolutely speaks my language and allows space for simplicity and creativity.

Watching a couple grow their family is one of the most precious and beautifully delicate parts of my job. There is no other canvas like two people who are about to become mother and father, none. Trying to envision your new baby and what this new person is going to bring to your family, what they’re going to look like, smell like, sound like brings both peace and heart flutters! Anna and Austin are so incredibly connected and you can see on their faces the uncomplicated sweetness that comes from the love that a parent possesses for their baby.

I’m so glad Anna and Austin took the time to have this maternity session. It is such a beautiful way to remember what it was all like just before their precious baby came into their lives and how it made them feel. As with any photoshoot, it forces you to stop and breathe and just take in the moment for what it is. I encourage everyone to this! Take the time to remember.

I want to capture your moments on film, whatever those moments look like for you. It may include the two of you ready to spend forever together. It may be the start of that family you’ve both dreamed about. Or it could be all 10 of you piling into your bed on a sleepy Sunday morning. Let me tell your story the way the lens lets me see it. Let’s make these photographs together. You know the ones. Like when you find those old film photos of your grandparents and your heart starts to swell up. I want your children and grandchildren’s hearts to do the same.

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