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Grace Photography

Maxine Webber
Grace Photography
Long Island, New York

I am a natural light, storyteller photographer that shoots with honesty and artistic visionary. I love to keep it real and emotive at all times. I shoot families, newborns, and children. I absolutely love shooting inside a family’s home, to capture the true dynamic of that specific family.

This shoot was very personal, and I was honored to capture it, in that it is photographer Summer Lyn’s family. She wanted to document and preserve her most enjoyable time of day with her children, which was in the morning.
Lazy and carefree mornings hanging out in mom’s bed. Eating cereal, wrestling, doing each other’s hair. The simple, most fulfilling pleasures for this family. I engaged their energy which enabled me to fuel my ability to capture these very moments. I walked away feeling as though I became a part of their family. If only for a short while. It was fulfilling.

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