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Fresh Light Photography

Leigh Ripps
Fresh Light Photography
Houston, TX

Colin is one of my recent baby collective graduates, but this session from when he was only 7 months old is my favorite from the 4 we did over his first year. His expressions, lovable rolls, and how he plays with his mama just melt me. I love bringing babies into the studio to just let them play and be, allowing me the opportunity to capture all the details that mark this point in their development.

Leigh lives in Kingwood with her husband, James, and their 2 children, Ellie and Landon, with baby #3 joining them very soon. She is an Instagram addict, macaroon aficionado, and lover of all things white. She can often be found out exploring the city with her littles ones in tow or on a never-ending seach for the small pockets of beautiful light that make her heart soar.

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