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FOTO | Equip and Empower

Recently, I was approached by the lovely Ladies over at FOTO to do a product review for their camera straps. I had heard of FOTO previously, but I had not actually purchased anything from them. I was happy to check out their products and let the Lemonade and Lenses community know my honest review of their product. Before the strap arrived I hopped on over to read up about their product and was so impressed with their brand story! Not only were they creating these beautiful straps among other things, but in doing so they were inspiring others and giving back to a cause. I strongly encourage you to go check out more about the inspiration behind certain camera strap designs and to learn more about how they give back here. I love when businesses give back and this definitely made me excited to try out this product!

Let’s get straight to the review! I was sent the memory card wallet and the matching Designer camera strap in the color Dove. When I first received my camera strap I was surprised at how lightweight the leather was which made me wonder if it was going to be hefty enough to lug around my camera comfortably and safely. I’ve been using this strap for about a month now and am very pleasantly surprised by it! It’s definitely strong enough for my Canon Mark IV and my Canon 1Dx with various lenses. It was so light and comfortable to wear during my sessions that I actually want to get more in different colors. I hate when a camera strap cramps my style by getting in the way during a session and this strap was so lightweight and perfectly designed that it never once interfered during my photography sessions. The hardware that attaches the strap to my camera are very high quality brass swivel trigger hooks and split rings. It felt secure and not likely to bend or break. On top of being the most comfortable camera strap I’ve ever used, it’s PRETTY. I absolutely love the personal touch the embossing adds to the strap. For me, I think I found the perfect camera strap.

Let’s talk about this memory card wallet! I found the memory card wallet to be very functional. The memory card wallet has 6 card pouches inside. Each pouch fits my SD card with extra room. There is also enough room to throw in your ID and either some cash or a few credit cards. The inside is lined with suede and can feature embossing on the interior flap. Mine has our ‘Sow Your Seeds’ motto inside. The wallet snaps shut with a brass snap and features our L&L lemon graphic on the front. It too is so pretty and functional. Can you really ask for more than that?

The rating! I rated the strap on its Quality, Embossing, Hardware, and Ease Of Use. Like I said before I truly think this strap was made specifically for me. I gave the Embossing a 5 because it was beautifully done and beautifully detailed on the wallet and strap. The hardware gets a 5 star review as well as it’s beautiful and strong. Ease of Use was one of the most important things for me personally as my previous straps always get in the way during my sessions. This was such a game changer for me as it was so light and flexible it worked for me in the way a strap should. Finally the overall quality also got a 5 star rating. I thought about maybe rating the quality at a 4.5 due to how lightweight the leather strap was, but ultimately decided not too because I think if the strap were any heavier it would be less versatile during a session so I gave it 5 stars as well. Nobody wants to miss a shot because your camera strap is out of control!

For the next 3 days FOTOstrap is giving our community a 20% discount code (offer expires 8/29/19). Be sure to use the code LEMONADEANDLENSES at checkout for your discount! 



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