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Floral Family Photography

Anastasia Morris
Chapel Lane Photography
Cincinnati, OH

I honestly can’t take much credit for how beautiful this shoot turned out. Christine is a goddess when it comes to creating a cohesive look for her and her family. To frame such a cute family, I used the blooming magnolia trees at our location for a pop of color and (even though winter is still hanging around in Ohio) placed them in the flower fields the Cincinnati Nature Center had to offer. The main challenge of this shoot was to utilize the scarce blooms available since it is still so frigid around us. All of the locations I used in this shoot were steps away from a crowded parking lot and we had to work around unsightly backgrounds and quite a few trail-goers. I chose this location because it has a ton of variety which I love giving my clients. Since they had a little one in tow, I didn’t want to make them trek all over the park and knew I could get a lot of different scenes within a two minute walk.

I’m Anastasia, the owner of Chapel Lane Photography! I have a shameless obsession with dogs and a good glass of wine and laughing with friends defines my idea of a perfect day. Most of the time you can find me splashing a new paint color on my walls at home or falling in love with the home decor section at Target. My heart constantly yearns for Chick-fil-A and chocolate milkshakes, but I’m always on a new health kick (for a few days at least). Aside from my being a photographer, I’m known for my spontaneous antics, facial expressions and being the girl to interact more with the dog than the people at the party.

My true joy in this life comes from capturing moments you’ll love looking back on while sharing old stories with your family. My style as a photographer swings to the bright and airy and I can’t get enough of a neutral color palette. Basically if my clients are wearing a color Joanna Gaines would pick, I’m in love.

I pride myself on showing my clients a good time during their shoot. From non-traditional prompts to encourage natural moments and laughter to being pretty awkward and goofy myself, I love interacting with people and cherish my job as a photographer.

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