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Five Photography

Filipe Barroso & Vera Gonçalves
Five Photography
Sintra, Portugal

Hera’s Wedding

When you are in the mysterious Sintra Mountains, it is impossible not to imagine romantic moments and inspiring love stories. It is impossible to be in an environment covered with ivy and not think of the Hera goddess and its symbolism. In Greek mythology, Hera is the goddess of the gods and a wedding regent. Portrayed as majestic, solemn, and often crowned, Hera sometimes bears in her hand a pomegranate, which is a symbol of fertility, blood, and death. Argos Panoptes was one of her faithful assistants and, as a reward, after his death was turned into a peacock, which happened to be forever related to her. With this mythology in mind, as a starting point, combined with the romanticism that the Sintra Mountains environment emanates, we captured our beautiful and dreamy Hera goddess through the greens and with an intense and enigmatic fog.

We are the Five photography. FiVe because are the first letters of our names, (Fi)lipe and (Ve)ra. Nice coincidence, isn’t it? We are a couple brought together by photography! We live in the beautiful, mysterious, foggy town of Sintra, which is also a constant source of inspiration! We seek to shoot intimate moments, the passion for life and the love in its truest and most sincere way. Our style is a mixture of documentary photography and fine-art photography. We use a relaxed and fun approach, seeking natural photos without forced poses, trying not to interfere. We try to achieve an organic and natural image, using wherever possible the beauty of natural light. The analog photography for its grain, texture, and color is also a way to obtain this organic and natural image.

Direction, Styling, and Photography: Five Photography
Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab
Hair and Makeup: Cláudia & Elisa (Bloom)
Jewelry: Ana Pina Jewelry
Flowers: Odete Florista
Wedding Cake: Sweets of Lala
Stationary Design: Five Photography
Stationary Watercolors: Tracey Cameron Creative
Model: Raquel Duarte

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