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Five and Five Photography

Krista Vanden Bosch
Five and Five Photography
Boise, ID

The Hood Family

When Tawnya contacted me about photographing her family, I’ll admit to being excited…and nervous.  This was the first time another photographer reached out to me to capture their family and it’s such compliment when another talented artist, like Tawnya, trusts in you to capture their memories!  When she mentioned a backyard session at her property – with chickens (and cats and a dog!), a tire swing, and a campfire, I was beyond excited! The styling complimented the setting perfectly: “garden boots” mixed with soft cotton clothing and bright colors were the perfect contrast to the beautiful warm light. Throw in a cozy blanket and s’mores next to the campfire and it was the perfect way to end the session just after sunset.

I’m Krista with Five and Five photography, offering custom family and wedding portraiture, specializing in printed artwork. I am about physical memories – the kind of art you can hang up big on your walls or display your personalized albums on your coffee table. Memories that can be shared with friends and family or ones that your children’s children can relive. Whether you want a sunset family session or outdoor summer session with mason jars and lemonade, or you’re planning a cozy winter wedding in front of a fireplace with fur wraps, and warm spiced run for your guests, I want to be there with you, capturing all the details and emotions that are being created. The interaction between my clients and each other is what I love and where my passion thrives. I want you to forget the camera is there and allow your true selves to come alive with laughter and snuggles and quiet moments. These are what will truly be timeless art.

Hood_Family01 Hood_Family02 Hood_Family04 Hood_Family05 Hood_Family06 Hood_Family08 Hood_Family09 Hood_Family10 Hood_Family11 Hood_Family12 Hood_Family13 Hood_Family14 Hood_Family15 Hood_Family16 Hood_Family17 Hood_Family18 Hood_Family19 Hood_Family20 Hood_Family21 Hood_Family22 Hood_Family23 Hood_Family24 Hood_Family26 Hood_Family27 Hood_Family28 Hood_Family29 Hood_Family30 Hood_Family31

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