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FiftyCentLove Photographie

Debbie Smith
FiftyCentLove Photographie
Christiansburg, VA

I am a natural light photographer located in southwestern Virginia.  Valory is part of the Class of 2014 and is home schooled.  This was one of my favorites from this year.  This session took place behind my studio.  There are some cool walls, awesome textures, steps, and alleys.   She had a great sense of style and I wanted that to show in her photos.  She has a great personality and was able to make a variety of expressions and poses with ease!  She was a joy to photograph and work with.

fiftycentlove-senior-1 fiftycentlove-senior-2 fiftycentlove-senior-3 fiftycentlove-senior-4 fiftycentlove-senior-5 fiftycentlove-senior-6 fiftycentlove-senior-7 fiftycentlove-senior-8 fiftycentlove-senior-10 fiftycentlove-senior-11 fiftycentlove-senior-12 fiftycentlove-senior-13 fiftycentlove-senior-14 fiftycentlove-senior-15 fiftycentlove-senior-16 fiftycentlove-senior-17 fiftycentlove-senior-18 fiftycentlove-senior-19 fiftycentlove-senior-20 fiftycentlove-senior-21 fiftycentlove-senior-22 fiftycentlove-senior-23

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