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Fiddle Leaf Photography

Kelly Marleau
Fiddle Leaf Photography
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I am a lifestyle photographer, specializing in families and newborns, based in Edmonton, Alberta. My goal with each of my sessions is to tell a story – the story of that family. Right here. Right now. I capture the family in an authentic and honest way; in a way that will allow them to not only remember those moments, but to also feel them years from now.

This particular session took place on one of the warmest fall days I can remember in a long time. Their little guy had just turned one and his parents wanted this photo session to show how happy he was at this age.  The family completely trusted my vision for their session and allowed me to document their little family exactly as they were. There was very little direction from me during the session. We started off hanging out in the living room playing blocks, the piano, and working on those one-year-old walking skills and then headed out for a stroll in the sunshine to the neighbourhood park.

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