10 Best Family Studio Photography Ideas

There are lots of different ways that you can organize a photoshoot with your family.

You can take it out into nature, or you can use a theme, but sometimes, classic studio photography is all you need to capture the essence of your family.

10 Best Family Studio Photography Ideas

The beauty of studio-style photography is that you can strip it back to the bare basics and just pose in front of one block color, or you can experiment with different aspects and make it a bit more fun.

If you want to have a family studio photoshoot, then you have come to the right place! We have put together a list of the 10 best family studio photography ideas (see also: 10 Best Cameras For Family Photography Ideas)to give you some inspiration!

1. Experiment With Different Light Sources

When it comes to studio photography, a huge part of what makes the images so good is the lighting.

You can really experiment with lighting to get the perfect images, and you can play around with the light and shadow to create some super unique family portraits.

Even if you don’t have access to a professional studio and you are doing the family shoot at home, you can still use the light sources you have to create some interesting and dynamic shots that will really make you and your family look good!

2. Design Your Own Set

You don’t have to go to a professional studio in order to create a studio-style photoshoot for your family, and making your own set at home is actually a lot easier than you might think. Try making a set at home using things you would find in your house.

You can really have a lot of fun with this option and you can get your kids involved too!

Look for the perfect wall to use as a backdrop, bring in chairs and stools so some of you can sit down while the rest stand, and have a look around your house to see which objects you can bring into the shoot as props.

3. Use Props

Let’s talk a little bit more about props now. Even in studio-style photography, props are a great way to add a bit more depth to the set and the photos themselves.

You can really use anything as a prop as well, so you can get super creative with this idea.

Maybe you could have everyone in the family holding a prop that represents their favorite hobby, or maybe you could all be holding something recognizable that holds significance to the house.

You can also use funny props if you and your family won’t want the shoot to be too serious. Play around with some props and see what works best for you and your family.

4. Get Creative With The Backdrops

If you are planning on doing a studio-style photoshoot with your family, then it is important to know that you can get super creative with your backdrops.

When most people think of a studio-style photoshoot, they think of one block color and nothing else, but you can definitely play around with your backdrops and make them more unique.

Use some furniture as part of your block color backdrop, or go all out and use a vibrant, unique pattern instead.

This photo shoot is meant to be a visual representation of your family, so you want to use a background that is personal to you and matches your family’s personality.

5. Experiment With Shadows

Shadows are just as important in photography as light, and this definitely still applies to studio-style photography.

You can go for a classic look where the shadows complement everyone’s features, or you can go a bit more creative and use the shadows as a sort of prop.

You can have the shadows fall over your faces or you can put something in front of the light source to create some incredible and unique patterns that will really make your shoot a bit different.

You can get as creative as you want with this idea and in turn, you will produce some incredible studio-style photos.

6. Use Your Hands

If you want to be really unique and quirky with your family photoshoot, why not take a few shots that just focus on the hands?

It tells a story without including anyone’s face, which also gives the shots a more dramatic and mysterious look.

You can take some shots that just include the hands and nothing else, or you can incorporate props to help you tell your family story a bit better.

Light or dark backgrounds work for this idea too, so you can really have a lot of fun with it.

7. Use Gel Lighting

Most studio-style photoshoots just stick to white or yellow lighting, but if you want to add a bit of a futuristic vibe to your own family shoot and try something a bit different, you should definitely consider using gel lighting!

Gels are basically filters that are attached to lights and they change the output color. Gel lights give you the chance to create some incredible light options for your shoot that will really give your shots a bit of an edge.

You can play around and really experiment with gel lights as well to create some absolutely incredible colors that you and your whole family will love.

8. Use A Projector

If you happen to have a projector in your house or you are able to get hold of one, then you should definitely consider using it in your studio-style photoshoot.

You can have so much fun with a projector and it will create some absolutely fantastic images that you and your whole family will love.

You can project images of your kids’ favorite animals or tv shows, or you can get up an image of your favorite family vacation destination… there really is no limit on how creative you can get with a projector!

9. Get Your Pets Involved

If you are a family with pets, then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t get them involved in your photoshoot!

You can get some really professional-looking studio shots, especially when you combine this idea with some of the other ones on this list.

Plus, your pets might not be able to talk, but they would jump at the chance to be a part of your photos!

10. Black & White

Need we say more? Black and white photography goes hand-in-hand with studio photography. It’s classy, it’s elegant, and it will make your family studio-style photographs even more professional in feel.

Even if the set you have created is incredibly colorful, sometimes, all you need is a dramatic family portrait in black and white to really capture the essence of your family unit.


So there you have it! 10 of the best family studio photography ideas(see also: 10 Best Family Photography Beach Ideas). Each of these ideas and concepts is perfect if you want to take your studio-style photography (see also: 10 Best Family-Of-3 Photography Ideas!)to the next level.

You can have so much fun with all of these ideas and they will help you to create a unique set of photos that perfectly capture the essence of your family.

If you are planning a studio-style photoshoot for you and your family, give some of these ideas a try!

Laura McNeill
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