10 Best Family-Of-3 Photography Ideas!

Family photos are the best – your nearest and dearest all gathered together around each other, enjoying the simple everyday delights of being with one another.

10 Best Family-Of-3 Photography Ideas!

They’re memories that need to be captured, because they’re the ones we like to look at and remember time and time again.

It’s also really nice to catch childhood pictures while they’re still young and sweet, because the little munchkins grow up so quick, and they’re never going to be that young again.

You don’t have to go to exotic places to get really nice family photos, because the best family  photos are focused on the individuals themselves, and the background behind them is often rendered meaningless when you reminisce, in comparison to the simple, happy time, shared together. 

When your partnership becomes a family of three, it’s such a joyous phenomenon, you’re going to want to catch all the special moments you can. And the good news is that it’s often very easily done.

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you 10 of the best photo ideas to capture your family-of-3 memories – let’s go!

1. Tall Family Cuddle

This may well be one of the first poses you consider for your family photo. The three of you are all facing the camera with real smiles on each and every one of your faces, locked in a warm and happy embrace.

In this version, Mum holds the little one against her, both turning their faces 90 degrees to face the photographer, while Dad’s happy, smiling face is visible above, while he has one arm around Mum’s back to her shoulder, and the other one around Baby and Mum.

2. Little One In The Middle As Dad Leans Down And Mum Faces Up

This family photo focuses on the little one in the center, slightly elevated in Mum’s arms, who is smiling as she snuggles with Baby.

Meanwhile, Dad is right there with them. He has one arm around beloved Mum as leans down to bestow a light kiss on the head of their child, as the little one faces the photographer.

And it looks completely natural because no-one is being asked to face the camera and put on a forced smile.

3. Dad Holding Up The Little One With Mum At His Side

There’s so much to love about this photo. The family are playing together, having fun, holding their little love high up in the air as he/she faces the camera with the brightest smile on their face.

Mum and Dad look up at the child in mutual adoration, like he/she’s the best prize they could be lucky enough to have, to hold, and to love forever.

Mum has an arm around Dad in a show of unity and mutual affection as they gaze with fascination and joy at their little one.

4. Little One Faces Camera With A Close Up Of The Parents Holding Hands

We just love this family-of-3 photo – so original and so meaningful…

The child is on full-view for the photographer in the very center of the picture, looking angelic. But in front of this lovely image is another – you can see Mum and Dad hand in hand with one another in a show of unity, facing the child.

It can be seen as symbolizing how Mum and Dad are united together with love in the mission to hold their little love in the center of their loves, raising the child as a solid parenting team.

5. Little One On Dad’s Shoulders And Mum Behind

This is a super fun and simple idea for a family-of-3 photo in a photographer’s studio, provided the child is still lightweight enough to sit on Dad’s shoulders.

Dad sit’s cross-legged in the front in casual attire, while he holds the precious one on his shoulders. Then Mum is behind them all, leaning forward so that her head is just above that of Baby.

The result is a fun photo where everyone is facing the camera in a vertical line, and at least two of you are smiling!

6. Family Of 3 Walking Off Into The Sunset

OK, so, you don’t get to see everyone’s face in this photo. But there is something so sweet about this photo.

It can be seen to represent moving forward together, arm in arm, come what may, for better or worse, always moving forward, always united.

7. Parents Holding Little One Up In The Air Between Them

What a great photo for capturing those super fun moments, when all of you are young, and you can enjoy taking the little munchkin, one hand each, and raising him/her right up into the air.

Kids just love the weightless feeling of being swung around. And they certainly couldn’t be in a safer place, centered right between Mum and Dad. (Regardless of the weather conditions!) 

This is a full body photo, so be sure to think about what you want everyone to wear for this shot.

8. Parents Lie Down To Be Level With The Little One

This is such a great pose for a photo, especially if you want a close up of everyone’s face.

The little one is sat in the center, held up by Mum and Dad, who are lying down on their tummies, and raising their torso so that they’re resting on their lower arms.

All three of them are facing the camera, and at least two of the three are smiling. (It can be hard to catch them smiling when they’re really young!)

9. Natural Outdoor Family-Of-3 Photo

What’s great about this style of family photo is that it’s designed to look as natural as possible.

Everyone’s in smart-casual attire, down on the ground in a natural setting.

They look like they’ve just been chilling in the great outdoors together, when all of a sudden, grandpa picks up his favorite camera and captures the perfect photo where everyone is facing the camera and smiling.

10. Family-Of-3 Close-Up

Here’s another great close-up shot for a family-of-3 photo…

As usual, the little one is both front and center, held up by both Mum and Dad together, as they behold their adoring child with a joyous smile on their face that’s nothing short of contagious!

Mum and Dad just can’t help smiling either, and what more, these are genuine smiles that you can see in their eyes.

And if all that’s not enough, there’s even a warm, cozy blanket, cloaking them in the same love and warmth that they have for one another.

Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap, people! We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through all of our favorite family-of-3 photo ideas. I imagine at least one of them appeals to you, if not several.

And we’re also pretty sure that we’ve probably introduced you to some ideas you may not have otherwise thought of.

And you may wish to give some thought to whether you want the photos in full color, or in black or white or sepia tone, as these can provide quite different effects.

The key thing to remember when posing for family photos is to look happy and natural. Forget trying to look perfect, you just need to show your palpable love for one another, and you’ll have evidence to treasure forever.

Laura McNeill
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