10 Best Family Newborn Photography Ideas

Introducing your newborn to the family and to the world is such an exciting time. You’ve been waiting so long, and now the moment is finally here.

10 Best Family Newborn Photography Ideas

It’s kinda magical. A brand new human being has entered into the world, ready to experience everything life has to offer, ready to be loved, ready to grow.

And this also marks their assimilation into the family. They get to match the faces to all those voices they used to hear when they were in the womb.

It can be hard to catch a newborn’s personality in family photographs, because they can’t always smile, and they have to be held carefully.

So what a newborn family photo should concentrate on is showing how well the baby belongs with their parents and siblings, showing how family members feel about this new little human being with them, and showing how loved this new addition to the family is already.

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you some of our favorite family newborn photos. 

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

1. Hello World – Baby Looking Directly In The Camera

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In this photo, the newborn gets to introduce him/herself. By having the baby look directly into the camera, it is like the baby is saying hello of their own accord, and maybe that’s what they’re thinking, too.

But for a shot like this, it’s important to remember that a newborn cannot hold their own head up on their own.

You will need someone to be holding the baby, and to ensure that this individual, such as a parent, is providing adequate support for their neck for this pose.

2. Parents Smiling At Each Other As They Hold Baby Against Them

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In this photo, you’ve got one parent holding the newborn baby tight against them (any parent, it doesn’t have to be the mother).

And as they do so, the other parent embraces them together.

The parents lean toward one another, meeting each other’s eyes in a shared smile as they ponder on how wonderful and magical it is for them to share their journey in looking after their brand newborn baby.

The excitement is palpable, and it marks a new adventure for the happy couple. 

3. Baby Is Resting On Mum’s Shoulder While Dad Is Behind Looking Down At Baby

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In this photo, the baby is being held by the mother, resting gently on her chest while their head rests on her shoulder. The baby’s face is toward the camera, and the mother is looking down peacefully.

At the same time, the father has approached the two of them from behind in an embrace. Depending on the height of the father, he could either plant a sweet kiss on the newborn baby’s head, or he could simply take his/her hand in his.

4. Mum And Dad Holding Baby Between Them

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This is such an adorable family photo for two new parents with their newborn baby.

The baby is held by both parents, between the parents, with their bodies facing one another. They are both looking down at the baby with mutual smiles that reach their eyes as they gaze in wonder and pure adoration at their beautiful newborn baby.

“There you are, hello!”

Another great thing about this photo is how the heads of the parents join in a show of unity.

5. Parent Holding Baby And Leaning Over To Kiss Their Nose

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This has to be one of the easiest and simplest photos you can take with your newborn baby.

It is a close up of a baby held by one parent, and the parent is planting a sweet little kiss on the newborn baby’s nose. It’s adorable.

It’s a great choice of family photo for single parents, and it’s also a great photo for families who have a lot of photos with one parent, but not so much the other, bringing a more balance representation of family life.

6. Parent And Baby Resting Together

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It’s shots like this one that best exemplify the life of the newborn in the early days. Both the baby and the parents have to make the most of any rest they can get, especially with the deluge of visitors they will get.

The newborn baby is snuggling with a parent, such as the mother, their attention only on being with one another in a state of love, peace, and relaxation. “Sleep tight, little one, I won’t disturb you.”

7. Hands In A Heart Shape Around The Baby’s Feet!

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This is an unusual family photo, in that you can’t see anyone’s face. But it’s still a really nice photo if you can pull it off.

It’s a close up of the underside of the newborn baby’s two feet, while one parent holds their hands over them in a heart shape, while the other parent overlaps their hands over those of the other parent.

This is a tricky pose to capture, so don’t beat yourself is you struggle to do it.

8. Sibling Kissing Newborn Hello

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But for some families, who are a larger family, and not a family of three, you have to consider the newborn’s older siblings.

The newborn is important to them too, and the sibling is even more important to the newborn because they will know them from birth.

This is a very simple and easy photo to take. The baby has to be lying down on their back, they do not have to be held by their older sibling if they cannot manage it.

And you simply capture a close-up photo of the older sibling giving the new baby a little kiss on the nose.

9. Older Sibling Cuddling Newborn

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Here’s another great idea for a photo with an older sibling.

It’s done by having the older sibling lying down, looking at the camera, while the newborn lies down on top, with their sibling’s arms around them, holding them close and gentle, with the newborn’s face also facing the camera.

This photo has been rotated in order to provide an upright profile of the children’s faces. And having the picture in black and white makes a great effect.

10. Family Of 4 Grouped Together

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If you have a family of four, and both kids are very young, then this is an excellent photo idea.

The mother is holding the newborn baby against her, and the father has the older child sitting on his shoulders as he embraces the mother and the baby.

You could have all of the family members looking down at the baby, or you could have the older child face the camera directly.

Wrap Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our best ideas for family newborn photography, (see also: 10 Best Family-Of-3 Photography Ideas!)and that you’re now inspired to take that camera and try to catch some great shots.

Remember, there’s no upper limit on how many photos you take. They will never be this young again, so just take as many photos as you can. The more photos you take, the better your chance at getting some great shots.

The great thing these days is that you can have family photos printed onto just about anything – canvas, magnets, mugs, calendars, cushion covers, the list goes on. It would make such a great gift idea.

Anyway, enjoy!

Laura McNeill
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