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Evi Ritter Photography

Evi Ritter
Evi Ritter Photography
Västervik, Sweden

This is my muse. My inspiration. My everything. My beautiful little girl Laura. She loves the outdoors and exploring new places as much as I do.

We just recently moved to the South of Sweden, close to the city of Västervik, which is also know for its unique archipelago of 5,000 islands. I totally adore the nature here in Sweden and I am in love with the sea right in front of our door step.

I am a fine art wedding and lifestyle photographer with an appreciation for days at the beach, unplanned roadtrips, the color blue, good food paired with nice conversation, swedish summers and antiques. A love for light is what originally drew me towards photography and continues to be what inspires me during this creative journey. I love creating photographs that tell stories of the people, places, and things we love in this life. As an artist and a mother, I know there is nothing more irreplaceable than having the beauty of life documented.

EviRitter_01 EviRitter_02 EviRitter_04 EviRitter_05 EviRitter_06 EviRitter_07 EviRitter_09 EviRitter_12 EviRitter_13 EviRitter_14 EviRitter_15 EviRitter_16 EviRitter_17 EviRitter_18 EviRitter_19 EviRitter_20 EviRitter_21 EviRitter_22 EviRitter_23 EviRitter_25 EviRitter_26 EviRitter_27 EviRitter_28 EviRitter_29 EviRitter_31 EviRitter_33 EviRitter_34 EviRitter_35 EviRitter_36 EviRitter_37 EviRitter_38 EviRitter_39 EviRitter_40

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