The Bloom Forum Online Workshop – Getting Featured
September 7th, 2015

With so many amazing opportunities out there, you don’t have to be a fashion or commercial photographer to have your work published and/or featured.  Being Featured is a workshop that will take you through the steps that will not only make your session stand out to a blog or magazine, but also help you learn what each one is specifically looking for.  From finding the right blog/magazine that matches your style to capturing a session that screams feature to submitting that session the correct way to everything else in between. Lexi Vornberg is the editor in chief, founder, and creative director behind Lemonade and Lenses, a photographers magazine and blog, and Belle Lumiere, a high end print magazine and film exclusive blog.  After looking through thousands of submissions and seeing almost everything done wrong, she is here to teach you how to get the publisher’s attention, in a good way, and how to submit a session correctly.  She will go over how to submit to a blog, how to find a blog that showcases styles similar to yours, how to shoot a session specifically for submitting, how to edit that session, and how to submit the right way the first time.  Each active seat will be able to submit two sessions to be critiqued as if Lexi was looking at them as real submissions to her blogs.

This workshop is all online and runs for two weeks (from Sept 7th – Sept 20th, 2015).  You must be a member of The Bloom Forum to participate in this online workshop.  25 active seats will be available as well as 25 silent seats.  For more information on The Bloom Forum membership click here.  Once on the website you can click workshops to find more information.

Active Seat Registration can be found below for this class. Silent seat registration can be found on the bloom forums website or by emailing in.
$200 active participation (25 available) / $150 silent participation (25 available)

Once you register your PayPal receipt will act as your confirmation.  Lexi will be in touch 1 week before the class for class login info. Please make sure to include your main email address on your PayPal form if your main address is not your PayPal email address.

Testimonials from past attendees.

” ‘Being Featured’ blew my socks off! Lexi shared very valuable information on how to submit for publication and gave priceless critiques on sessions we submitted to her. It was well worth the investment and I can’t wait to see where I can go from here! Thank you Lexi for a fabulous class! ” – Morgan Coombs

I now know there are so many details [when it comes to] creating a successful submission that I think most people would have no idea about. I certainly didn’t. Totally blown away [by] the info Lexi gives you. Not only ‘what to do’ but ‘what NOT to do.’ This class was worth every penny. All the information and instruction that Lexi gives is beyond eye opening and helpful, but also being able to ask her questions directly and seeing questions that others ask and that Lexi so candidly answers was amazing!! ” – Dena Rooney

I thoroughly enjoyed Lexi’s class on being featured! This is a topic I have very much been interested in learning about but wasn’t sure how to go about it, except by trial and error, until I saw the post that this class would be available. All of the information was so insightful and useful and taught in such an engaging manner [that] I so appreciated it. I loved being able to learn this topic from the point of view of both a blog/magazine editor and of a photographer; I think that really adds to the relevancy of the topic from both standpoints and offered the chance to reveal extra insight. I definitely recommend this class! ” – Robyn Icks

Being Featured with Lexi Vornberg of Lemonade and Lenses was such a great learning experience! Great trips on how to get your work featured and how to do it properly!!! Throughout the class, she critiqued submissions and gave so many helpful hints on what to do and what not to do! The information I learned is invaluable and I know it will help me with images and sessions I want to submit for future blogs and contests!! Lexi has a lot of experience and knowledge to share! Great Workshop! ” – Sherri Carannante

The getting published course was FUN and educational. While I was honored beyond words to provide the cover image for the June 2013 L&L magazine I am VERY new to the whole submission process and was looking for some guidance and insight…. and FEEDBACK. When you submit and are overlooked, publishers aren’t going to tell you why. This is an opportunity to get the why, so the next submission snags one of those coveted spots. ” – Tracy Hopkins

This class gives an informative look into the inner workings of blogs and magazines in the photography industry. It opened my eyes to specific things editors are looking for, and helped me to be mindful of shooting for publication while simultaneously shooting for my clients. Being published brings your business valuable exposure and credibility, and I recommend this class to anyone hoping to submit stronger submissions. ” – Hannah Mayo

Participating in the Being Featured Bloom Workshop really opened my eyes on how to submit and highlight my work in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and appealing to a publisher. Lexi’s teaching style and method of explaining her thought processes, as the editor of an inspiration blog and publisher of a print magazine, were fantastic and easy to relate to. I learned so much from the critiques on my own submissions, as well as the submissions from the other class participants. ” – Carey Pace

Great class! Learned a lot! I’m definitely going to be using what I’ve learned in the blogs that I do for my clients. Thank you so much Lexi for taking the time out of your busy schedule to setup this class for us! You were wonderful and I hope to take another class from you in the future! ” – Layla Hillail

” Lexi’s workshop was wonderful! I’ve always admired photographers who were featured on blogs and in magazines and wondered how they did it. Thanks to Lexi, now I know! She’s a great teacher with some amazing information! ” – Katie Shaw

I gained so much information from this workshop to give me the confidence to submit my work in the future. I have never submitted anything in the past but learning from Lexi what bloggers and editors are looking for has made me excited to start submitting. ” – Jillian Greenhill

Lexi, Thank you so much for everything you offer during your workshop. I really feel like I took a lot from it. It definitely opened my eyes to what I should be doing and I can already see a difference in the way I do sessions. I am working on some stuff that I plan on submitting to Lemonade and Lenses, I cant wait! ” – Hannah Terry

Lexi’s class was amazing! I now feel confident in what editors are looking for in submissions in terms of photos, as well as how to organize and submit to blogs or publications. Her class was laid out in simple, easy to follow steps and discussions and I walked away with a much better understanding. Thanks, Lexi! ” – Stacy White

I loved this class! It was great to learn what steps to take before even thinking about submitting to a blog or magazine. Combine that with learning all of the little details that go into creating a strong submission and then shooting something specifically for Lexi to critique was just great and pulled it all together. Lexi’s feedback was spot on and what we all needed to hear in order to improve! ” – Laura Janicek

This class was more than I had anticipated. Lexi really showed me things that seemed so obvious now and can’t believe I didn’t think of before! I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to get published, she really helps you understand what publishers are looking for and knows how to make your submission really pop!  ” – Kristen Zannella

Being featured is so important for every photographer that wants to grow, so to me it was really important to lear the little details that you wouldn’t have thought about when you are putting your photos together to send to a magazine or blog, and learning about the point of view of an editor that would be looking at your photos and what they want to see. Big help! I had a lot of moments of “Ah! That makes total sense!”. Lexi explains things in a way that anyone would understand, from a beginner photographer to someone experienced. All the information was super helpful and I’m excited to be shooting with a different mind set. ” – Talita Conrad

AWESOME class! I feel like it upped my game so much for when I submit to publications. And I could see a real difference in just how I planned out a session based upon the class’s information!! ” –  Jess Swenson

Lexi is a professional through and through and knows her stuff! She doesn’t beat around the bush and I like that because my time is valuable. She was quick to respond to questions and the info given in this class was quite helpful. The best part is getting a mock submission critiqued. Really awesome! ” – Lisa Lawrence

Lexi’s class on how to get featured was comprehensive and effective! I enjoyed it thoroughly and felt as though I learned all I need in order to go about submitting to blogs and magazines. There was so much I didn’t know, but in 2 short weeks, I have seen a big shift in my shooting goals and awareness of what magazines are looking for. I would recommend this class to any photographer wanting to get featured and step out from the crowd! ” – Brenda Patten

Before I took this workshop, the notion of submitting work to blogs or magazines I follow and admire was quite daunting. I never knew if the imagery I was submitting was good enough or varied enough for the publisher to be interested. I needed some guidance and this workshop proved just the thing! Lexi shares knowledge as both a publisher and photographer, which is invaluable. She gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes of a blog/magazine and what the editors and publishers seek from those submitting their work to be featured. After taking this workshop, I feel more confident about submitting work. After Lexi’s helpful and honest critiques, I know what I need to work on before my next submission, and feel better about getting myself to that point. ” – Jen Adams

Lexi’s Being Featured Workshop was amazing! I loved every single day and it was definitely worth the money! I would definitely recommend buying an active seat as I learned a lot more about myself as a photographer. It put me out of my comfort zone, but I grew as a photographer in so many ways. Doing assignments every day in the form of videos, readings or actually shooting made me feel like I was there with every peer in a classroom. THANK YOU Lexi for hosting this workshop! THANK YOU for listening to us as individuals and photographers! THANK YOU for being blunt and honest with us as this was the most helpful tool!! THANK YOU for sharing your resources and words of advice!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  ” – Rachel Schrepel

Lexi Vornberg’s Getting Published Workshop was absolutely fabulous!! The information learned will help save me a wealth of time that I would have spent for who knows how many months, years or even forever submitting even the most beautiful of sessions… incorrectly (or at least not as well as they could be)! Lexi also has an amazing way of keeping everything she expresses, whether in the lesson, on a video, in the forum conversations or in the critiques… very simple, straight forward & to the point. She is very firm but seemingly in the best intentioned of ways! I feel confident in the lessons that I learned through this class & quite excited to get out and put it to use. Thanks so much for offering this class & for all that has been shared!!!! ” –  Jen Mink