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Emma Tembreull
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Marquette, MI

An unyielding dreamer and deep thinker, my love for light, motion, and documentation began early on in life whilst often borrowing my mother’s old 35mm Minolta and grandma’s Polaroid. My professional career as a portrait and wedding photographer began during my sophomore year of high school, and my intense love for the art continues to flourish now at age 20 as a single college mom aspiring to pursue destination photography opportunities.

Lindsey and I ventured off to take her senior portraits in the later fall, when the leaves had already fallen. Although most of my fall requests are for the peak of the colors, I almost prefer sessions after. The light is clean, neutral, and ever-so-cozy. Michigan’s U.P. is full of small yet beautiful nowheresvilles. We took Lindsey’s photos around the Alston-Nisula area, where her family’s farm is located.

Lindsey1 Lindsey2 Lindsey3 Lindsey4 Lindsey5 Lindsey6 Lindsey7 Lindsey8 Lindsey9 Lindsey10 Lindsey11 Lindsey12 Lindsey13 Lindsey14 Lindsey15 Lindsey16 Lindsey17 Lindsey18 Lindsey19 Lindsey20 Lindsey21 Lindsey22 Lindsey23 Lindsey24 Lindsey25 Lindsey26 Lindsey27 Lindsey28 Lindsey29 Lindsey30 Lindsey31

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