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Emily Katharine Photography

Emily Katharine Roberts & Thomas Harris Ganey
Emily Katharine Photography
St. Petersburg, FL

It is always interesting how life introduces us to our closest friends and significant others. Some of us meet those life changing people in class or that day we take the wrong bus. Some of us are introduced to “the one” by a mutual friend. Jilian and Aron met in one of the most promising ways: while they were pursing their passion. Thomas and I captured their engagement session on an early morning in Tampa. We are so thankful that we have the opportunity to meet such wonderful people while we pursue our passion.

JilianAronEKP-1 JilianAronEKP-2 JilianAronEKP-3 JilianAronEKP-4 JilianAronEKP-6 JilianAronEKP-7 JilianAronEKP-8 JilianAronEKP-9 JilianAronEKP-10 JilianAronEKP-12 JilianAronEKP-13 JilianAronEKP-14 JilianAronEKP-15 JilianAronEKP-16 JilianAronEKP-18 JilianAronEKP-19 JilianAronEKP-20 JilianAronEKP-21 JilianAronEKP-22 JilianAronEKP-23 JilianAronEKP-24 JilianAronEKP-25 JilianAronEKP-26 JilianAronEKP-27 JilianAronEKP-28 JilianAronEKP-29 JilianAronEKP-30 JilianAronEKP-32 JilianAronEKP-33 JilianAronEKP-34 JilianAronEKP-35 JilianAronEKP-36

  1. I love this session! It’s simple, fresh, and fun. :) I think the photographer captured a great variety of perspectives as well, from wide angle to detail shots.

  2. LOVE this session!!

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