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Eliza Jane Photography

Liza Liebscher Willey
Eliza Jane Photography
West Point, NY

Hi! I’m a wedding/portrait photographer new to the Hudson Valley region. I live on West Point (the United States Military Academy) and shoot primarily couples and families. This particular session was a dream! Jenny and her husband Garrett were naturals in front of the camera, and on top of Bear Mountain, the light was incredible. Their 4 year old was not about that model life, but I managed to trick him into a silhouette shot at the very end. ;) Thank you for the consideration!

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  1. Eliza, these are breathtaking! I checked out your website & each gallery is stunning! Your homepage blew me away! You have such an amazing talent.

  2. What a gorgeous couple and these images are stunning! Wow!! So inspiring!

  3. The reds are absolutely amazing. I love this so much!

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