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Earthly Bliss Photos

Emilee Andrews
Earthly Bliss Photos
Gillett, PA

This is actually one of my favorite shoots that I’ve ever been able to do and such a freak thing in how it came about to happen. The model, Sarah, lives in Florida. I went to Florida last weekend with my best girlfriend just for a little vacation. While there, a conversation that looks something like this happened: “Kay! That girl over there looks just like Sarah!” “Yeah, it does!” A few moments awkwardly pass until I go up to her and say “…Sarah?” Sure enough, it was her! I couldn’t believe it. Turns out that she had been doing some modeling and of course, always being on the look-out for a good shoot, I immediately wanted to do a shoot. I had brought some of my camera equipment and emailed her later that day, asking if she’d be interested in modeling and she said she’d love to.

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