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Denise Lin Photography

Denise Lin
Denise Lin Photography
Vancouver, BC

I love to shoot beauty for women, no matter what ages they are. As women, we secretly all want to be beautiful appearing in front of people or being captured in photos. We want to look more beautiful without losing the essence of what makes us uniquely attractive. I believe beauty is more than skin deep. It’s what makes our personality, confidence, and grace shine beneath us. As a photographer, I see the beauty from the angles, smiles, and eyes of a woman. This photo shoot was planned with the cherry blossom theme as I am passionate about cherry blossoms, and because it only blooms for 2-3 weeks in a year. I wanted to catch the chance to photograph it with a beauty. Lauren is not a professional model, but she was once a figure-skater from South Africa, so it was nice to capture her dancing movement in the cherry blossom environment.

Hair and makeup by Faye Smith Makeup (

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