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Dawn Photography

Dawn Piebenga
Dawn Photography
Cottage Grove, OR

Hello there! My name is Dawn Piebenga. I’m a natural light lifestyle photographer from Cottage Grove, Oregon. I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember, but when I finally realized it was my true passion, it became my life. I feel so lucky to have something I am so passionate about. Everyday I strive to improve myself and give all my clients the best experience and results they could imagine!

Last summer I camped at the Painted Hills with my family and I was blown away by the beauty. I knew I had to come back to do a photo shoot there. When Megan, from Q6 Model Agency, contacted me for some new portfolio photos, we both agreed the Painted Hills was the perfect place. Once we got there, it was like everything came into place. The location, the sunset, the colors, the atmosphere of the whole shoot was so whimsical, natural and beautiful!

dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_005 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_019 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_045 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_046 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_050 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_054 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_055 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_056 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_057 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_058 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_060 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_063 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_065 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_066 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_067 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_070 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_071 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_072 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_075 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_076 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_084 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_092 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_097 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_099 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_112 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_128 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_129 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_132 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_141 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_147 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_150 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_158 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_161 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_165 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_167 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_170 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_178 dawnpiebenga_dawnphotography_179

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