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Cyntia Apps Photography

Cyntia Apps
Cyntia Apps Photography
San Jose, CA

Lisa and Christian are the outdoorsy type of couple, which I love.  They love hiking, so both decided they wanted their favorite hiking place as the backdrop for their engagement session. The Santa Teresa Hills were filled with beautiful golden grass, with the most amazing views of Silicon Valley. The couple also recently adopted a little doggy and it was very important for them to make them part of the shoot.

I started the session shooting film with digital back up. By the time they changed into their other outfits, i completed dropped my digital camera, and shot them almost exclusively with my film camera. I was so happy with the results. This session has all the important elements I want in my photography: beautiful light, gorgeous outdoors, and happy couple crazy in love with each other!

2014-09-18_0001 2014-09-18_0002 2014-09-18_0003 2014-09-18_0004 2014-09-18_0005 2014-09-18_0006 2014-09-18_0007 2014-09-18_0008 2014-09-18_0009 2014-09-18_0010 2014-09-18_0011 2014-09-18_0012 2014-09-18_0014 2014-09-18_0015 2014-09-18_0016 2014-09-18_0017 2014-09-18_0018 2014-09-18_0019 2014-09-18_0020 2014-09-18_0021 2014-09-18_0022 2014-09-18_0024 2014-09-18_0025 2014-09-18_0026 2014-09-18_0027 2014-09-18_0030 2014-09-18_0031 2014-09-18_0032 2014-09-18_0033 2014-09-18_0034 2014-09-18_0035 2014-09-18_0036

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