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Crystal Satriano Photography

Crystal Satriano
Crystal Satriano Photography
Moscow, PA

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in northeast Pennsylvania. I have been in business since January 2011 and run a studio that is mostly used for newborn sessions. I realized, along my photography journey, that I stopped making the time to photograph my own children. Clients and the business always took priority. This past year I have made an incredible effort to photograph my children. They are the reason I picked up a camera to begin with.

The cold and snow can be a nuisance to many, but it is also incredibly beautiful. I love taking my daughter out and taking pictures of her in the snow. Let’s face it, a red coat is made to be photographed in the snow! We had a beautiful snow fall and it wasn’t too frigid out. We took advantage of the opportunity and I just love how the images came out. There is something so pure and beautiful about photographs in the snow.

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