Creative Ideas For Monthly Baby Photos

If you have just had a new baby – firstly, congratulations – but secondly, you may want to think about how you can creatively document each month of their life.

Creative Ideas For Monthly Baby Photos

It has become commonplace to take a photograph each month to document the progress your baby is making. Often people add some form of mini chalkboard or sign to include the current date, month, or even weight.

These little ideas are a great way to remind yourself in years to come what your child was like at that certain time. It is also really nice for them to be able to look back on their baby years.

If you need help when it comes to creative ideas for monthly baby photos, then look no further. We have lots of different ideas ready for you to become inspired by. So, read on to find out more!

Why Take Monthly Photographs Of Your Baby?

There are so many reasons why taking monthly photos of your newborn is a great idea. Not only do you get to keep a record of the different physical changes of your baby, but you can also be creative.

The photos can be displayed throughout the home too, or put into a special photo album that can be given to the child when they are older. While they may not appreciate it as a teenager or twenty-something, once they have their own family they will love the thought behind the photos.

There are also many different creative ways you can capture monthly baby photos too. There is the option to keep it simple, but you can also plan the ideas in advance. 

10 Creative Ideas For Monthly Baby Photos

Here are 10 unique ways to take monthly photographs of your baby:

1. Using A Text Blackboard

One of the simplest ways of taking pictures of your newborn baby every month (see also: Is 1 Month Too Old For Newborn Pictures (Is My Baby Too Old For Newborn Photos?))is by using a blackboard. While it might not look like the most creative on this list, it still requires some planning.

You may want to think about the colors your baby is wearing, as well as what the background will be. You can use a cute off-white baby blanket, or even use a faux fur blanket.

For a rustic look, choose a vintage-looking blackboard and use chalk, or you can use a blackboard that has letters and numbers included. 

It also means that you do not have to do too much planning every month, which is great if you are pushed for time. 

2. Pizza Slice Months

A really unique and fun way of counting the months until your baby turns 1 is by using pizza. It is an idea that not many people think of, and that is what makes it so special. 

To make it effective, you will want to keep your baby in the same color. In the pictures above, white is the constant color. The brown pizza box and the background it is on also stay a consistent color.

The only things that change are the number of pizza slices and the type of pizza eaten. It does mean eating takeout pizza at least once a month, but really, is that such a chore?

3. Flower Numbers

If you have a newborn baby girl who reminds you of a pretty flower, then this beautiful idea will have you inspired. It includes using lots of different flowers to count the months until your baby turns 1. 

To make this effective, you will want to use different flowers for each month. You can also tie in the colors of your baby’s outfit with the flowers too, or have them completely opposite.

Make sure that for each month you use different flowers and a different outfit. While you will be buying new outfits as your baby grows, you will want to plan ahead the kind of flowers that you will want to use. 

Try and tie the types of flowers with the season. It will make the photographs even more special. 

4. Inspiration From Each Month

If you are full of creativity, then you will love this idea. One really fun way of taking pictures of your baby each month is by taking lots of inspiration from that particular month.

For example, during fall you can use pumpkins and the color of orange and red leaves. During February you can take inspiration from Valentine’s Day, or lots of raindrops during April. 

You can also try and use some quirkier themes from the months, too, but it is often best to go with more recognizable things like the ones above. This way it makes the theme a lot more obvious.

5. Simple Yet Effective 

You could also just try a simpler approach. Just because the idea is not full of extensive props and time-consuming elements, does not mean it is not creative. When it comes to taking monthly photos of your baby, it is all about consistency.

This is making sure that your baby wears the same color, if not the same kind of clothing, as well as making sure they are pictured with the same background each time.

In this photo, you can keep all the simple elements the same, and then add the number of months your baby is at the top in colorful letters. 

6. Month-By-Month Series

If you are the type of person who likes to create a story, then this idea may be right up your street. It involves doing a whole set of pictures, rather than just one, and putting them together at the end.

If you have a particular story in mind, then you can use simple props at home to create something fun. It can make it look like your child is doing something which can be quite interesting and unique. For example, sitting on a swing.

You will want to make sure that you still add some information too, such as how old they are. This way you can keep track of the photos and make sure that you are taking a few pictures each month. 

7. Donut Grow Up

Donuts are always a great idea when it comes to photographing babies. This is because donuts are sweet, and so are our own babies – of course! This cute idea also includes using the phrase ‘donut grow up’ which is obviously a tie-in with the donut treats.

If you can find clothing with donuts on, then that would be a bonus to a photo like this. You may also want to theme the other pictures with sweet treats too, like lollies and strawberries. 

If you cannot think up any phrases to go with the photos, then do not bother including them. You will find that you spend most of your time trying to think them up!

8. Super Simple Lightbox

Another simple but very creative way of staging monthly photos for your baby is by using a lightbox. It helps to give you a consistent way of showcasing how old your baby is, and you can use it throughout the 12 months.

To make it extra fun, change up the backgrounds and add a toy alongside your child. This way you will be able to include an extra creative element with the background, but also show how much your child has grown when the toy starts to become smaller than the child.

9. Time For Work

This adorable photo idea lets you be extra creative by having your child act natural, as well as not making you be restricted by the type of photos you can take. 

It is also very simple too. This set of photos has chosen a theme with the work outfit of a tie and shirt, with added elements as the child has gotten older.

The only other consistencies are where the photos have been taken and the black chalkboard. It has created a wonderful photo series that is full of personality.

10. Blackboard With Information

Lastly, we have this fun idea that includes a lot of information that will be really useful to look back on. It also includes the baby wearing the same outfit but with a different headband and number.

It is a great way to record the different achievements of your baby, as well as a reminder of their weight and height. It means that you and your child can look back on it in years to come and see what their progress was as a baby in its first year (see also “Capturing The Sweet Moments Of Your Baby’s First Year“).

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different ways to capture wonderful photos of your newborn baby. Taking monthly pictures to show the progression of your child has become popular over the last few years.

It allows you to keep a photographic record of how your child is progressing. It also gives you fun photos to display in the home, as well as creates keepsakes from the photos.

If you are looking for more fun ways to photograph family and friends, then check out the rest of the website for more helpful tips. 

Laura McNeill
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