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Coffee Creative Photography

Yasmin Marquez Campos
Coffee Creative Photography
El Paso, Texas

This session was inspired by the many gorgeous sink baths sessions I see online. I told myself that I needed to do one before our daughter grew too big to fit in the sink. One quiet Saturday morning, I set the bath up and just started shooting. The light was perfect, and she enjoyed every minute of it. It was just a beautiful day forĀ  a simple sink bath while bonding with my daughter. I couldn’t have been happier with how the photos turned out.

I am a graphic designer & portrait/lifestyle photographer residing in the sun city of El Paso, Texas. I work as a full time graphic designer during the day and I manage my own Photography & Graphic Design business, Coffee Creative LLC, with my husband during the evenings and weekends. As a new momma, I have fallen in love with capturing the bond within children and families. But my favorite subject will always be my baby, Olive.

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