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Claudia Kneist Photographie

Claudia Kneist
Claudia Kneist Photographie
Cologne, Germany

Some words about the session and me:
I´m Claudia and my photography business is based in Cologne, Germany. There is a wonderful quote of the french photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson: “One eye of the photographer looks wide open through the viewfinder, the other, the closed looks into his own soul.” And it is so for me as well: For me, photography is looking into my own soul. This is what inspires me and helps create my pictures.

The session I´m submiting is one of my favourite sessions. A rainy Sunday – is there anything better than staying in bed and relaxing? So, my lovely friend Julia and I got that idea of a home photo shoot session in her wonderful new flat. The photo series became a mix of emotional portraits of her with typical girlie lifestyle elements. I photographed the full session with natural light only.

img_1552_claudiakneist img_1617_claudiakneist img_1635_claudiakneist img_1637_claudiakneist img_1644_claudiakneist img_1679_claudiakneist img_1698_claudiakneist img_1705_claudiakneist img_1715_claudiakneist img_1736_claudiakneist img_1765_claudiakneist img_1774_claudiakneist img_1793_claudiakneist img_1806_claudiakneist img_2022_claudiakneist img_2053_claudiakneist

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