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Clare Barker Wells Photography

Clare Barker Wells
Clare Barker Wells Photography
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’m a Brit living in Malaysia, and these gorgeous folk are Malaysians living in Australia, so this was a real multicultural shoot. They are also super stylish and very laid back, so I told them just to do their normal morning routine and I would follow along and take pictures. We spent five minutes at the end doing some more posed shots on their roof terrace, but other than that this was exactly the type of shoot I love: relaxed, easy, and full of natural beauty.

clarebarkerwells-1-2 clarebarkerwells-1 clarebarkerwells-2-2 clarebarkerwells-2 clarebarkerwells-3-2 clarebarkerwells-3 clarebarkerwells-4-2 clarebarkerwells-4 clarebarkerwells-5-2 clarebarkerwells-5 clarebarkerwells-6-2 clarebarkerwells-6 clarebarkerwells-7-2 clarebarkerwells-7 clarebarkerwells-8-2 clarebarkerwells-8 clarebarkerwells-9 clarebarkerwells-10 clarebarkerwells-11

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