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Christina Block Photography

Christina Block
Christina Block Photography
Jacksonville, FL

Christina Block holds a passion for all things creative, whether it’s spending time at the local museums looking at fine art or coloring with her son, it’s in these moments she gains inspiration. Christina acquired her first camera at a young age, gifted to her by her father, an amateur photographer. She immediately fell in love with film; black and white film to be exact. Her passion for a perfected black and white image still holds true today. Whether you are looking for her to capture your most intimate moments or the beautiful simplicity of day-to-day life, she does so in an organic, journalistic manner, concentrating on creating those images to embody emotion and feeling. She resides in historic San Marco located in Jacksonville, FL.

Christina_Block_Photography_1561 Christina_Block_Photography_1564 Christina_Block_Photography_1566 Christina_Block_Photography_1567 Christina_Block_Photography_1568 Christina_Block_Photography_1569 Christina_Block_Photography_1570 Christina_Block_Photography_1571 Christina_Block_Photography_1572 Christina_Block_Photography_1575 Christina_Block_Photography_1576 Christina_Block_Photography_1577 Christina_Block_Photography_1578 Christina_Block_Photography_1579 Christina_Block_Photography_1580 Christina_Block_Photography_1581 Christina_Block_Photography_1582 Christina_Block_Photography_1583 Christina_Block_Photography_1584 Christina_Block_Photography_1586 Christina_Block_Photography_1587 Christina_Block_Photography_1589 Christina_Block_Photography_1590

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