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Chloe Luka Photography

Chloe Lukasiewicz
Chloe Luka Photography
Dayton, OH

I started my business a little over a year ago, when my husband surprised me with my first ever DSLR camera. I’ve always loved photographs and capturing moments, and it’s been exciting to see my dream of owning my own business become a reality this year. In the short time that I’ve been in business, I’ve captured numerous occasions and events, including maternity, families, newborns, engagements, senior portrait sessions, and my favorite: weddings. :)

When Olivia contacted me about doing her senior session I was thrilled. Not only because she was the first inquiry I had received simply from viewing my business online, but also because she wanted to do an out-of-the-box senior session, integrating creative props and locations. Most of these were taken along the side of a back country road, which was a perfect backdrop for the vintage pick-up truck that they brought along to the session! We had some beautiful golden sunlight, and Olivia was the perfect model to make this vision come to life.

OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0002 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0003 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0004 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0005 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0006 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0007 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0008 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0009 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0010 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0011 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0012 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0013 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0014 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0015 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0016 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0019 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0020 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0021 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0022 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0023 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0024 OliviaNixonSeniorSession_0025

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