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Champagne Photography

Shelby Champagne
Champagne Photography
Wausau, WI

I met Carolyn on New Year’s Eve while celebrating and I immediately asked her if I could photograph her. Fortunately for me, she agreed 100% and we finally were able to get together this past week! She is definitely one of the coolest people I have ever met, and she made my job easy. Her attitude reflected the vibe I wanted to give off right away, laid back and fun. These were taken on the beach in Milwaukee, WI on Lake Michigan. Besides the session, I’m a 20 year old portrait, event, and conceptual photographer and I love to inspire people. My main goal with photography and owning my own business is to portray the real side of people.

  1. WOW ! beautiful session and marvellous model !!!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Her skin tone and hair with this blue sky and ocean are just so gorgeous! Love the feel of these!

  4. Leigh

    LOVE! So simplistic and so fully of beauty <3

  5. so beautiful!

  6. Absolutely stunning!!

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