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Cayton Heath Photography

Cayton Heath
Cayton Heath Photography
Coshocton, Ohio

Every photographer can get caught up in the paid session life where you are photographing children or families altogether. As truly wonderful as these sessions are, sometimes we need to take time to photograph the things that mean something to us or just for our creative juices to really get going! That is what this session was for me. I needed to step back and create something beautiful just for me. I recently revamped my photography business and vision, and in doing so I learned a lot about myself and how I wanted to be seen as a photographer. Once I found my photography self I wrote out a new motto/tagline that I have clung to ever since and it is this:  Cayton Heath Photography: “Photographic Storytelling and Artistry.” The storytelling is for the family sessions, weddings, newborn sessions, and so forth, while the artistry explains my deep passion for the out of this world, whimsical, and creative.

  1. Jessica Solarczyk

    I am kinda in LOVE with this entire session. Swoon!

  2. These photos are all so beautiful!! Lovely session. I absolutely adore the close-up b&w profile… it is GORGEOUS!!

  3. Collett Stanger

    Just beautiful–it is fun, soft, romantic and a bit unexpected.

  4. Jake Heath

    My wife is a rockstar, I’m so proud of her!

  5. Diane Heath

    Really great pictures Cayton. Some of the best I’ve seen.

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