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Catherine Abegg

Catherine Abegg
Catherine Abegg
Seattle, WA

I live in Seattle, WA, where I do most of my business, but I also travel to different cities to do family sessions. This has worked out great because I will just post about it online & hope for the best…and also it is part of my future plans/really big dreams of taking family photos for people while I’m living life on the road, the sort of vagabond life! This family session was taken on one such occasion while visiting Los Angeles last winter. I always tell my clients that I like to meet in their home & take it from there, because my ultimate goal is to document their life as it is now, so that when their kids look at the photos later they feel more like memories. When I came into the home of Miranda, Hawk, Áine, & Saoirse it was the perfect time, because someone was still napping, someone was still practically naked & singing away, and the parents were just very chill & relaxed as they watched their day progress. Later in the day, after I left, everything was going to be commencing as usual with preschool & birthday parties & work & the usual, so it really did feel like I had just kind of happened into their world & happened to have a camera. Their house was cozy, but everything felt alive with childish excitement…we talked & played & went for a short walk around the block. I imagine that they had originally hoped we would go somewhere hip or maybe more “picturesque” for their family photos, but being there to just hang out for a normal day together as a family & departing when they were also all walking out the door & giving kisses goodbye, seemed like the most perfect picture that I could ever hope to capture.

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