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Cassie Loree Photography

Cassie Loree Werner
Cassie Loree Photography
Dallas, TX

With Taylor and Nikki’s one year anniversary approaching, a table for two alongside the water of a deserted island was the perfect way to capture this memorable month of their lives. Having moved to Dallas from Chicago, Taylor and Nikki have experienced much change in the past twelve months. New city, new jobs, new friends, and an ever growing little babe named Addison. In reflecting over all that this past year has brought about, they envisioned an anniversary session away from the business of life. Just the two of them, the sound of the ocean surrounding, and the cool spring sand. In Taylor’s eyes, Nikki will always be his bride, so a dry bouquet was created especially for this occasion. A linen covered table was topped with soil and succulents and paired with rustic wood chairs, then carefully placed between the rocks of blue water. There they sat as the wind blew in what would document a year they would never forget. Their first year as husband and wife, one year by the sea.

Styling: Blooming House Collective
Makeup: Kristy Rankin

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