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Cassie Green Photography

Cassie Green Koch
Cassie Green Photography
Los Gatos, CA

This was a fun session for me because it was a surprise gift from hubby to wife. I thought it was so thoughtful and sweet. We went to a beach off the coast of northern California’s Highway 1. It’s more of a “wild” beach. You definitely have to be willing to go with the flow of the natural elements. That’s one of the reasons why I liked working with this family. They were naturally happy, naturally silly together, easy going. I asked them to play and they knew what I meant. I don’t love posed photography with families. Capturing the essence of who they are and how they are together is my main goal. Plus, always capturing the innocence and awe of childhood is what makes me passionate about what I do.

Real. That’s what I like. Authenticity. And I feel that in this session. So much love.

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